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Rocky Gresset Quartet - Thursday 30 November - 8.30pm

Rocky Gresset Quartet - Thursday 30 November - 8.30pm

As part of the evenings sponsored by Thomas Dutronc

Photography: @ Mathieu Chatelain
Musical style: Jazz Manouche

A fellow musician with Thomas Dutronc, Rocky Gresset is one of the leading figures in the new generation of Gypsy jazz. Proud of his origins and an outstanding representative of a whole musical culture, Rocky has not limited himself to a single musical style, and his open-mindedness has made him one of the most sought-after jazz guitarists today.

Da Break - Saturday 02 December - 8.30pm

Da Break - Saturday 02 December - 8.30pm

Photography: © Jeff Pachoud
Musical style: Soul Hip-Hop

Imagine warm music dedicated body and soul to groove. Open your eyes and you'll find Da Break, a quintet from Lyon who draw on their fertile love affair with black American music, from vintage soul to hip-hop (West Coast and old-school options), without shying away from R'n'B and funk. Both on their three albums and on stage, the band's songs are driven by Hawa's voice, which combines power and sweetness with stunning ease, and driven by a science of elastic rhythms.
Aurore Voilqué trio feat Angelo Debarre - Thursday 07 December - 8.30pm

Aurore Voilqué trio feat Angelo Debarre - Thursday 07 December - 8.30pm

Photography: © Emmanuelle Alès
Musical style: Gipsy jazz, Song

After various projects, all very different from one another (Aurore Voilqué Septet, Rhoda Scott, Mayfair Electro Jazz or Orient Occident), violinist and singer Aurore Voilqué is releasing a second album in homage to the Manouche music she loves so much, alongside one of the style's greatest guitarists, Angelo Debarre.

Robyn Bennett - Saturday 09 December - 8.30pm

Photography: © Lilian Ginet
Musical style: Soul / Jazz

Entrance fee: 15€

In the tradition of the great American voices, the beautiful redhead from Pennsylvania radiates contagious music, heady melodies, simple, touching poetry and an exceptional voice with a powerful, sensual timbre. During her forced hibernation due to the health crisis, Robyn moved between an Atlantic island, a Brooklyn bedroom and the Normandy countryside.

Carte Blanche Jeanne Michard - Thursday 14 December - 8.30pm

Musical style: 1st set Latin Jazz // 2nd set Jazz
Credit photo: © Florence Grimmesein 

1st Set : Jeanne Michard Latin 5tet :
Following three trips to Latin America, Cuba and New York, and encounters in various projects, Jeanne Michard decided to set up her own band and devise a repertoire in keeping with her primary influences: jazz, Latin and Afro-Cuban music.

Sarah Jad - Saturday, December 16 - 8:30 pm

Musical Style : Pop Rock 
Credit photo: Laurent Sigwald

A charismatic frontwoman with a powerful voice discovered on The Voice, Sarah Jad reveals her talents as a songwriter.


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